Red on the cover of the US release of Codename Eagle

Red is a field operative in Shadow Command along with Mortar and Goggles.

Manual DescriptionEdit


This is your character.

Physical Description

Red is of a slim and strong build, of average height with an unruly mop of blonde hair. His blue eyes shine of intellegence and despite his young years it is clear he is a leader. His manner is relaxed, yet always alert to danger. He is charismatic and very friendly although his sense of humour can be ironic at times.


Although charming and easy going, this boy is a loner. He has many acquaintances but no close friend. Goggles, maybe the one person closest to him says it the best: 

"Basically, he is fun to be with. You know - the kind of person you want to have around you all the time. So why doesn't he have any real friends you ask? Maybe its because he has this way, you know, "aloof" - that's the word - like he isn't really part of this world, or something like that. it's as if he has some dark secret." 

He was born in Minsk, Russia before the war and raised on a farm. When he was (a) young man, he was forced to flee his country and managed to escape to England where he joined the army to fight the Russian tyranny.

When war broke out, he enlisted like so many other young men at that time. He quickly showed himself to be brave, but never reckless, and had a good head for tactics.

After 7 years of faithful service and outstanding performance, he came to the attention of the Allied Intellegence Services. They immediately put him to good use, and he showed himself, in numerous missions, to be one of their most able operatives.


Red is the playable character in the singleplayer campaign.


In a way, that’s what went wrong with Codename Eagle. I mean, we WANTED to make a true Battlefield game. But our backer said we needed a character and a story, so we had to build that. But our first idea had been to make the “Virtual Battlefield” game that we already had a concept for. It was supposed to be all war and no story. But then we had to fit in some kind of cool hero with a red cap.
— Mats Dal, lead programmer of Codename Eagle