Mortar is a field operative in Shadow Command, along with Red and Goggles .

Manual DescriptionEdit


Mortar is another agent from Shadow Command who will play a supporting role in many of your missions.

Physical Description

Mortar can be described as quite sleazy looking, as he seldom shaves or bathes. His scarred face shows years of experience in combat and he has seen things most men never see in a lifetime.

He's an expert in firearms and combat tactics and an excellent sniper - his enemies rarely knew what hit them. Goggles has only seen him smile once, just after slitting a guards throat...

Born and raised in Nantes, France, he enrolled in the French army in 1917. He developed a talent for stealth and after only 7 months his superiors decided to put him to good use behind enemy lines. 

His favourite trick is digging down into the ground and covering himself with leaves or snow, waiting for the moment to jump up behind a passing sentry and slit his throat.

He got his nickname when he single handedly towed a field mortar through a hail of machine gun fire during the Neisser offensive. When Shadow Command formed in 1924, he immediately applied for service and was accepted as an operative in a short amount of time.

He has performed numerous missions and has a reputation of surviving against all odds, notably because he has been the sole survivor of four missions, the last of which he alone managed to escape the firing squad of the Russian secret police.

Red has this to say about him: "Mortar...he is brutal and straightforward. Sometimes I get the feeling he is not to be trusted, which makes it hard to work with him."


Mortar helps you enter the house in the forest, and gives you a Sniper Rifle during the Assasin mission.