Goggles is a Field Operative for the Shadow Command, along with Red and Mortar.

Manual DescriptionEdit


Goggles is, if you pardon the expression, your "right hand man". She will be responsible for getting you to and from missions, and will support you by performing backup tasks such as radio jamming.

Physical Description

Slender and agile, with short dark hair. Her brown eyes,set in a fine featured face, show compassion but they turn flinty-hard when she, or anyone she cares about, is threatened. She is a bit withdrawn, something others falsely interpret as shyness, and she is clearly more of a thinker than a talker. 

Over the years, she has grown attached to Red. Her real name is Sandra Pickford but she usually goes by her nickname "Goggles", which she got from her habit of always wearing a pair of aviator's goggles when on a mission.


She grew up in York, England. Her father was a captain in the army, and her mother worked as a potter to make ends meet. She always wanted to be in the army like her father, which of course was impossible for a girl in those days. When the war broke out, her father went to the eastern front, and was classified "Missing in Action" at the battle of Warsaw. She was 17 at the time, and the loss of her beloved father was a severe blow. The money that her father left behind didn't go very far, so she applied for work at the Foreign ministry as a secretary.

After a few years she was asked to stand in for the Secretary for the Senior Advisor for the General staff. Sandra did so well that she was promoted after two years to the position of personal assistant to the Overseer of Dispatches. That position put her in the middle of a web of intrigue and covert operations that was Her Majesty's Secret Service.

When one day the need arose for a courier to Petrograd, she immediately applied - finally, here was her chance to get into the action. 

She continued to do intellegence work for the Secret Service - getting the Potempkin codes out of Russia and establishing a British spy network in Moscow were among her finest achievements.

When Shadow Command was formed, it was natural for her to seek a position there, and in view of her past performance, she was made a field operative.

When asked, Mortar had this to say about her. "She is quite a handful, if you know what I mean. Don't get me wrong. Goggles is top notch out in the field. A very good agent, and very bright too." 


Goggles flies in Red on multiple missions, and rescues him as well.