The Gas Weapon as it appears in the Codename Eagle Manual

The Gas Weapon, also called the Grenade Launcher, is a Player Weapon in Codename Eagle.


The Gas Weapon does not make an appearance in the single player campaign, however Necro Gas is present.


There are Gas Weapons in the sheds in both bases at Breakpoint.


The Gas Weapon fires projectiles, which, like the Grenade, only detonate with a fuse. The Gas Weapon projectiles when detonated, release a small Area of Effect cloud of deadly Necro Gas, which hovers in the air for a short while. The Gas Weapon uses the Gas ammo type. 

The Gas Weapon has a lengthy reload animation and cooldown, and therefore, like the Bazooka, you can 9-Trick.


The Gas Weapon resembles the iconic M-79 Grenade Launcher with a modified leaf sight. The M-79 however was in development at 1953 at the earliest.

The manufacturer being Gauss Launcher, it has been theorized that the projectile could be fired with magnetic coils.