In Codename Eagle, if you fall a certain distance, you will be unable to control your character, and he will plummet to his death and instantly die and gib upon hitting the ground.

Fall point with playersEdit

The Fall point is the point in the air, and once it is reached, you will fall down and die. Exceeding the fall point can be done multiple ways - elongated time in air, and distance traveled. This distance can be horizontal - explaining why small jumps from moving planes can kill you, but it can also be done by flying upwards - at a certain height, you will hit fall point, even if flying upwards, and you will lose control of your character, and die upon hitting the ground.

Fall point with vehiclesEdit

When the yellow icon appears on the plane, it means you are almost, or have completely lost momentum or control of the plane. Fall point does take effect on your plane in that situation - however you do not lose control, but you will die upon touching any surface.