The Bazooka as it appears in the Codename Eagle Manual

The Bazooka, also known as "Zook", and "Zooka" is a weapon in Codename Eagle.


The Bazooka is encountered in the Demolition Man mission.


The Bazooka is an extremely powerful weapon in Multiplayer, and for balance reasons it does not spawn at bases. 

In No Mans Land, the Bazooka spawns in a shed in an island in the water between the two bases, in a hill next to Blue Base, and beside a bridge next to Red Base.


The game's manual incorrectly states the maximum ammo capacity for the Bazooka. Since it uses the Explosive ammo type, it can hold up to 50 rockets, not 25. It is most likely confusion with the Grenade and its independent ammo type.

Firing a rocket will make it fly in a straight line, but then tip downward slightly after a distance. Rockets will explode upon impact with a surface, player or building. 

Bazookas can cause self damage.

The slow firing speed of the Bazooka can be counteracted with the 8-Trick exploit.