The Chopper as it appears in game.

The Battle Chopper, also called the Chopper and the Helicopter, is a vehicle in Codename Eagle.


The Chopper was added into the game with the 1.41 patch into the multiplayer maps.


The Chopper is arguably the best vehicle in Codename Eagle. The Chopper boasts the ability to move in any direction, quick acceleration and quick deceleration, along with the ability to make a quick landing. It's much easier to aim with the Chopper than the planes, and is much quicker and easier to take off than the planes.

The Chopper has 2 rocket launchers, with a faster firing rate than a Bazooka using the 8-Trick. This consumes explosive ammunition. It has a gunner slot equipped with an AA gun.

The chopper has 2 slots, the pilot, and the gunner. 

The Chopper has 80 Hits, and a max speed of 160 Kilometres per hour, along with light armour.

Due to balancing, there is only 1 chopper per base.