Armour is additional protection to your health offered by vehicles, the Flak Jacket, or Breast Plating, or a stationary turret. Armour will reduce the amount of damage you take. Armour will not fully protect you from damage - only reduce the damage your health takes. 

Vehicle ArmourEdit

There are 2 different types of vehicle armour - Heavy and Light. 

  • Light Armour takes 50% of all bullet damage, but 100% of all shell damage.
  • Heavy Armour takes 25% of all bullet damage and 75% of all shell damage.

Player ArmourEdit

There are two types of Armour available to the player, the Flak Jacket and the Breast Plating.

  • Flak Jacket - Provides 100 credits of armour, along with the ability to absorb 50% of all damage until the Flak Jacket's armor is depleted. 

The Flak jacket as it appears in the manual

  • Breast Plating - Provides 200 credits of armour, along with a 75% damage absorbtion. 

    The Breast Plating as it appears in the manual