It’s not cheating if you can do it too. Cheating is when someone uses something that another person cannot.
— Freqhog, talking about the 8-Trick exploit

The 8-Trick is a controversial exploit in Codename Eagle.


This exploit works in Codename Eagle singleplayer and will boost your damage substantially.


The 8-Trick has been a source of controversy within the CE community, calling people who use it hackers and cheaters, but also has been adopted by top level players such as Freqhog. Since the Bazooka's downside is it's slow firing speed, the Bazooka becomes very powerful when used with the 8-Trick.

The faster firing speed, coupled with the explosion radius and high damage and vehicle destroying properties of the Bazooka makes it powerful against everything. Being able to carry around such damage is also an overwhelming advantage in any player versus player situation.


Tapping the corresponding number key will equip whatever weapon is in that slot - for example, tapping 2 will make you draw your revolver. Whenever a weapon completes it's deploying animation it is ready to fire - regardless of when the weapon was last fired. This means it is faster to tap the 8 key and draw the bazooka and then fire, than to fire the bazooka and wait for the long recoil animation and cooldown.

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